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Population White Paper & Implications

February Green Drinks invites you to participate in the anticipated talk on The Population White Paper and The Implications on the Environment, featuring a distinguished panel of speakers:

Ms. Faizah Jamal, Nominated MP (Environment and Heritage) People and Civic Sector

Ms Jamal will be speaking on the Population White Paper Debate in Parliament. She is one of the few NMPs to vote against the White Paper, calling for an environmental impact assessment of the infrastructure plans to be carried out and shared with the public first. She said the White Paper should be one that speaks from the heart, rather than from the head.

Dr Ho Hua Chew, Conservation Committee Vice-Chairman, Nature Society (Singapore)

Dr Ho will speak on the implications of the Population White Paper and Land Use Plan on nature areas and conservation. He is a proponent to a holistic approach to land use that promotes a rich array of values for…

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Madam Speaker …

Madam Speaker, environmentalism is not an interest group; it is the foundation to all else. If there is no environment, there is no economy. If we continue to act as if as if human beings are no more than economic digits, as if humans are the top of the heap and we think we can get away with it, we will continue to be an egocentric society which has cut off its own heart and then attempts to live without it. How is that ‘sustainable’? That to me is the height of insanity.

From Singapore NMP Faizah Jamal’s full speech on Population White Paper & Land Use 2030 (from an environmental perspective)