As you may have heard, we’ve been running this little campaign to spread some awareness about Green Products in Singapore.

We’ve since closed the voting after running it for a month and a half, and we’re happy to present the top 10 (by order of merit):

  1. Sustainable Living Labs iBam 2 (36% votes)
  2. Third Wave Power mPOWERPAD (13% Votes)
  3. Madana Yoga Jute Natural Rubber Yoga Mat (7% Votes)
  4. Idocare Dishwashing Liquid (6% Votes)
  5. USB Cell AA Rechargeable Batteries (6% Votes)
  6. House Of Marley Redemption Song Earphones (6% Votes)
  7. Envizyme Green Tree Laundry Liquid (5% Votes)
  8. Star Bamboo Chopping Boards (5% Votes)
  9. Timberland Earthkeepers Rugged Original Leather 6″ Boot (4% Votes)
  10. Envirosax Organic Series – Reusable Hemp Tote bag (3% Votes)

Congrats to Sustainable Living Labs and the iBam 2 for grabbing a huge proportion of the votes.

And do check out all of these products (by clicking on their…

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About dercong

Director @oliveventures. Selling sustainability since 2009. The “ideas guy”, futurist wannabe, moderate activist & occasional educator.

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