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We’ve been running this little campaign to get a Top 10 list of green products as nominated and voted by the community. As you can imagine, “Green” is a difficult word that makes it impossible for us to put any limits on what should and should not be nominated. So instead of being arbitrary about it, we decided to go without categories (or of-the-moment buzzwords & philosophical debates) to feature a wider range of products for everyone to take a look at, and appreciate.

As such, we would like to ask you to vote, based on “whether I’d buy it“, rather than “is it greener than the rest“.

Oh BTW, you’re allowed to vote for up to 5 products!

Happy voting, and please share this!

More info about each product and brand:

Timberland Earthkeepers Rugged Original Leather 6″ Boot

  • Premium full-grain leather from a tannery rated…

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House Of Marley

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